Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Obscure Heroes of the Reformation - Tremellius

Immanuel Tremellius was born in Ferrara. His father was a Jew and educated him very skillfully in the Hebrew language. He came under the ministry of Peter Martyr and was soon converted. He went with Martyr to Lucca, where he taught Hebrew.

He went with Martyr to Strasberg and then to England during the reign of Edward VI. Upon Edward’s death, he returned to Germany and in the school of Hornbach, he taught Hebrew.

He was later sent to Heidelberg to be the professor of Hebrew. He translated the Syriac New Testament into Latin. He also set about to translate the Old Testament from the Hebrew and was thus associated with the work of Francis Junius.

Late in life, he was called upon by the duke of Bouillon to be the professor of Hebrew at the newly built university in Sedan. Tremellius remained faithful at this post until his death at the age of 70, in the year 1580.

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