Monday, September 12, 2011

Obscure Heroes of the Reformation - Marlorat

Augustin Marlorat was born in 1506 in the dukedom of Lorraine. His parents died when he was very young and he was placed in an Augustinian monastery when he was eight years old. In these circumstances, he was able to study theology and was later sent to the University of Lausanne. He was soon chosen to be pastor at Vevay, then later he was sent to Rouen.

He was present at the 1561 conference of Poissy between Beza and the cardinal of Lorraine. In 1562, civil wars broke out in France and the city of Rouen was besieged and finally captured. Marlorat, along with four prominent citizens of the city were taken captive. Francis, duke of Guise ordered the prisoners hanged. Marlorat was hanged on October 31, 1562 at the age of 56. 

He was a prolific writer. His works include: A Catholic and Ecclesiastical Exposition of the New Testament; An Exposition Upon Genesis; An Exposition on the Psalms of David; An Exposition Upon the Prophecy of Isaiah; And The Thesaurus of the Whole Canonical Scriptures.


  1. Other sources say Marlorat was executed October 31, 1562. Maybe someone transposed the numbers? Happens to me all the time.


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