Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Few Good Quotes

Below are a few choice quotes to ponder. The eloquence and power of some preachers never ceases to amaze me. Every one of the quotations below is merely a line or two from a sermon. None of them are clever quips intended to impress carnal men with oratorical skill. It challenges me to be more deliberate in my speech, especially in the pulpit.

God will not pardon for repentance, nor yet without it. Thomas Watson

Ah, did we but rightly understand what the demerit of sin is, we would rather admire the bounty of God than complain of the straithandedness of Providence. And if we did but consider that there lies upon God no obligation of justice or gratitude to reward any of our duties, it would cure our murmurs (Gen. 32:10). John Flavel

Temptations and occasions put nothing into a man, but only draw out what was in him before. John Owen

Unity without verity is no better than conspiracy. John Trapp

In whatsoever dunghills God’s elect are hid, election will find them out and bring them home. John Arrowsmith

There is no real bondage, but what is either from, or for sin. Vavasor Powell

Brethren, while it is well with us, through the grace of God, and our own houses are not in flames, pray do not let us think the times are not perilous, when so many turn unto Popery and Quakerism, into pernicious errors, and fall into swift destruction. Will you say the time of the public plague was not perilous, because you are alive? No. Was the fire not dreadful, because your houses were not burned? No; you will, notwithstanding, say it was a dreadful plague, and a dreadful fire. And pray consider, is not this a perilous season, when multitudes have an inclination to depart from the truth, and God, in just judgment, hath permitted Satan to stir up seducers to draw them into pernicious ways, and their poor souls perish forever. John Owen

We are not saved for believing but by believing. Thomas Taylor

A legally convinced person would only be freed from the pain, an evangelically convinced person from sin, the true cause of it. Stephen Charnock

It is in many places a lost labor to seek for Christianity among Christians. John Owen

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