Thursday, November 11, 2010

Apostate Christianity: A First Hand Encounter

We frequently hear about the apostate character of the mainline denominations, but because we attend more theologically sound churches, it is a rare occasion that we actually get a firsthand look at the depth of this apostasy.

This past Election Day was such an occasion for me. The polling place is a Congregation church. Right next to the tables where you check in to vote there is a rack on the wall with flyers and leaflets. Two or three of the slots have sermon print-outs. I picked up a couple to read, just out of curiosity. I must confess, the description “apostate” used in reference to many of the mainline denominations is not misapplied with regard to the output of this church’s pulpit!

One sermon urges us to be like Jesus and just soak in the sheer joy of being alive. The sermon speaks of Jesus having fun, sucking back a few cold ones with his friends and telling some good jokes (i.e., the Parables). I must admit, I have never read a parable I found funny, nor have I ever heard anyone even insinuate that they were jokes. If you were to read this guy’s “sermon” (what an abuse of the word!), you’d think that the Gospel’s are full of stories about Jesus cracking jokes and laughing hysterically all the time.

What’s missing from this message? How about the Gospel! Do you mean to tell me that the twelve Apostles were martyred for the message of “have fun and enjoy life?” Polycarp was burned at the stake for this? Cyprian was martyred for enjoying life? No God, no Trinity, no sin, no grace, no substitutionary atonement, no imputation, no distinctly Christian content at all. Yet they have the audacity to call this a Christian church!

I will detail a few more of the apostate things they teach tomorrow. But just think: This is a so-called witness for Christ and His Gospel. God forbid that any church should turn out like New England Congregational, a synagogue of Satan.

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