Monday, August 5, 2019

Darwinism and Mass Shootings

No one who adheres to Evolutionism has any moral grounds for decrying mass shootings. In fact, they have no moral ground at all. This is because their system cannot account for a morality that is binding upon all. But leaving that aside for a moment, their system professes that nature – on its own – weeds out the weak and undesirable. Ironically the ones who proclaim this loudest typically have a perverse proclivity to want to help nature weed out the ones they consider weak and undesirable. At any rate, the whole system of Darwinism works upon the principle of “survival of the fittest.” 

Admittedly, Darwinists seldom live down to their principles. They champion animal rights causes - animals who are the weak victims of human survival, which is stupid. If human survival endangers other creatures, why should anyone be bothered by this. It is simply a superior species offing a weak species. The fittest is surviving - which is what is supposed to happen. They should be celebrating the survival of our species as a demonstration of our survival. Instead, they wish to instill shame (an emotion completely out of place in an evolutionary world) in those whose good fortune it is to be the fittest. They actually do live down to their principles when it comes to their own species, though. Darwinists are, without fail, the biggest supporters and proponents of the holocaust of abortion – the wholesale slaughter of the weakest and more defenseless of our kind. Adults and children murdered in mass shootings are far less helpless than these poor unborn babies, but Darwinists mourn the death of the former, but celebrate the murder of the latter.

The truth of the matter is, Darwinists should celebrate all murder as an example of nature doing her thing and ridding the earth of the weak. Why should the fittest feel guilt and shame for surviving when Nature actually functions on the principle of the survival of the fittest?

Evolutionists love to mock Christians as “unscientific,” but it is they who fail to live according to their own "scientific" principles. If they truly believe in the survival of the fittest, then they should celebrate every occurrence of nature having her way and ridding the earth of endangered species, or weak individuals who weren't clever enough to develop the necessary survival skills to avoid getting killed in a mass shooting.

Upon what grounds can they actually decry these things as “evil?” Upon what grounds can they label anything “evil?” If, as they profess to believe, humans are merely the organic products of a mindless process of evolution in a universe that exists by sheer chance, upon what can any appeal to right or wrong be based? Morality, according to their view, can be nothing more that the arbitrary viewpoint of one person or group of people unfairly enforcing their view upon others. Unless there is a personal God who created the universe, there is no possibility for any kind of morality. Any appeal to right or wrong can be nothing but a power play. And in the case of Darwinists, it always is a power grab.

If humans are mere animals, the biological product of unguided evolution, why do Darwinists insist on holding us to standards higher than animals are held to? Who goes into the African savannas to castigate the lions for murdering sickly zebras? Who reproves chimps for flinging feces at each other? Who calls the sharks onto the carpet for the wholesale slaughter of cute seals? No one, that's who! So why are they so insistent upon decrying violence in the human animal? And don't appeal to consciousness, either, you double-standard hypocrite! By your account of Nature, consciousness is nothing but the chance byproduct of unguided evolutionary processes. So why should you insist on binding anyone's imaginary "conscience" with appeals to consciousness?

So, if you hold to evolution, in any form, please spare us your crocodile tears about the poor victims of mass shootings. Why aren't you rather celebrating the fact that Nature, red in tooth and claw, has done her dirty work and that the fittest have survived? Not only should murder be seen as not wrong in your worldview, it should be celebrated and encouraged because by it the fittest are surviving and the weak are kept from defiling the species with their undesirable DNA.

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