Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Don't Lump Christianity in When You Blame Religion For the World's Trouble

It has long been a tactic of the enemies of Christ's Church to lump Christianity in with the rest of the world's religions when they claim that religion has caused nothing but trouble for the world. 

When I say that this has long been a tactic, I mean it. Arnobius of Sicca, a Christian apologist who died in 330 AD, responded to this very accusation when it was raised in his day. He writes:

"There have actually been fewer calamities since Christians appeared.

"Actually, regarding the wars which you say were begun on account of hatred for our religion, it would not be difficult to prove that after Christ was heard on earth, not only did they not increase but in great measure were reduced as a result of the repression of fierce passions.

"For when we, so large a number as we are, have learned from His teachings and His laws that evil should not be repaid with evil; that it is better to suffer wrong than be its cause, to pour forth one's own blood rather than to stain our hands and conscience with the blood of another: the world, ungrateful as it is, has long had this benefit from Christ by whom the rage of madness has been softened and has begun to withhold hostile hands from the blood of fellow beings.

"And if all without exception who understand that are men, not through the form of their bodies but through the power of reason, would for a little while be willing to lend an ear to His wholesome and peaceful commandments, and would believe not in their own arrogance and swollen conceit but rather in His admonitions, the whole world, long since having diverted the use of iron to more gentle pursuits, would be passing its days in the most placid tranquility and would come together in wholesome harmony, having kept the terms of treaties unbroken."

Arnobius of Sicca, The Case Against the Pagans, Book I, Chapter 6

Source: Ancient Christian Writers, Volume 7, The Newman Press 1949

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  1. Blaming generic "religion" has become a mere cliche, and it exposes the cobwebs of the secular Left's collective mind.

    Prof. Rudolph Rummel of the U. of Hawaii estimated that the numbers of people killed over the 20th century's ideologies (all of which presupposed evolutionary materialism) was roughly 169,000,000 in _Death by Government_. After his initial publication, Dr. Rummel revised his figures upwards. In any case, he came up with a number far larger than all who were killed for heresy or unbelief in the 15 centuries between the conversion of Constantine and Napoleon's shutting down the Spanish Inquisition.

    We are all taught to abhor the Spanish Inquistion (rightly, to this Protestant who descends in part from Sephardic Jews). But in Spain itself, the Inquisition put to death a bit more than 4000 people between 1484 and 1804. That was roughly a year's body count during the internecine strife of the Spanish Left in the 1930's.

    Even in our relatively tame United States, those who loudly decry the "dehumanization" of "the other" (minorities, women, sexual deviants) also loudly call their opponents "fascist insect" or other such epithets.


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