Saturday, September 27, 2014

Daniel Rogers, On Marriage-Love

“Lastly, this point must be exhortation to couples, to practice and discharge faithfully, this joint duty of marriage-love, each to the other. Wheresoever thou art, whithersoever thou goest, whatsoever thou dost, remember thou carriest about thee a precious pearl, look to it, prize it and preserve it, as thy life. There be sundry motives to press this upon willing couples, as hammers to drive this nail home to the head: and indeed I may say some of it, as he once said, of one, an honest man need not, a dishonest man will not be warned: the general motive to both husband and wife, is God’s charge to them: live and love. Both of you think thus, he bids it who better knows the use of it, the danger of the contrary, than such silly ones as we. Commands of God are solemn things, especially such as serve for a trench, for a fortress, a fence to hedge in an ordinance. He that dares violate it, shall pay for it sweetly. Therefore, set your heart to obey this rule, and say it’s life or death: It’s the crutch of your lame limbs, if that fail you must fall, if the shores break, the house ruins.”

Daniel Rogers, Matrimonial Honour

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