Friday, April 25, 2014

Reflections on Psalm 45

“Discoveries of Jesus’ glory powerfully animate our hearts, and tune our tongues to commend him. How glorious is his person as God-man! Rich in grace are the qualities of his heart and the words of his mouth. In him it pleased the Father that all fullness of blessings for man should dwell. In almighty power, by his word and influences of his Spirit, he conquered multitudes in the apostolic age to the obedience of faith: and by the strokes of his vengeance did and shall destroy his Jewish and other implacable opposers. Having by himself purged our sins, he, as our righteous Sovereign, sat down at the right hand of God, as the reward of his holy service; and is, in the most transcendent manner filled with the Holy Ghost to shed on us abundantly. In a most glorious and heart-engaging manner, his manhood, mediatorial offices, and righteousness, appear in the heavens above, and in his church and ordinances below. And his people, adorned with gifts and graces, are raised up together, and made to sit together with him. His chosen one, both Jews and Gentiles, in the day of his power, are made to hear his voice in the gospel, to renounce all others, and devote themselves entirely to him and his service, as the object of his gracious and everlasting delight. In shining robes of righteousness, grace and holy conversation, each in their order are adorned; and after serving their generation by the will of God, they shall be brought and admitted into his heavenly palace with exceeding joy. Instead of Jewish fathers there shall be Gentile converts; and instead of glorified saints shall there be another generation, begotten by the power of his grace, all made kings and priests unto God! Thus, by the spread and influence of the gospel, shall Jesus’ renown and honour be perpetuated on earth, while those in heaven above shall praise him for ever and ever.” 

John Brown of Haddington, 
Self-Interpreting Bible, 
Reflections Upon Psalm XLV.  

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