Monday, September 9, 2013

Infant Baptism, Objections Answered, 3

3. Another variation of this objection is that if infant baptism were the prevailing practice of the early church, we should expect to find at least one clear example of it taking place in the pages of the New Testament. Again, our response to the first objection nullifies this.

The primary objective of the recorded history in the New Testament is to give an account of the spread of the Gospel. It narrates several notable conversions of Jews and pagans. Because this is the focus not much is said, as we should expect, about what was going on in the life of the Church.

But even if we ignore this, there is another issue that is quite unfriendly to the Baptist cause. It is not particularly noteworthy (for the reasons we have just given) that no account of an infant baptism is found in the New Testament. What is more amazing, and detrimental to the Baptist cause is that we find no account of an adult baptism of one who was born to Christian parents. Surely we have as must warrant to expect one as the other. In the entire 60-year period covered by the New Testament, we have no hint of the baptism of any adult born of Christian parents.

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