Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nahum: Outline

Outline of Nahum

Nahum may in accordance with its theme, development, and structural guidelines, the book may be outlined as follows:

Superscription (1:1)
I. The Doom of Nineveh Declared (1:2-15)
A. Theme: God Is a God of Justice Who Will Punish the Wicked and Avenge His Own (1:2)
B. Development: A Hymn to the Sovereign God (1:2-10)
1. Who defeats His foes (1:2-6)
2. Who destroys the plotters (1:7-10)
C. Application: God’s Justice for Nineveh and Judah (1:11-15)
II. The Doom of Nineveh Described (2:1-3:19)
A. Theme: God Is a Just Governor of the Nations Who Will Punish Wicked Nineveh and Restore His Own (2:1-2 [HB 2:2-3])
B. Development: First Description of Nineveh’s Demise (2:3-10)
C. Application: The Discredited City (2:11-13)
D. Development: Second Description of Nineveh’s demise (3:1-7)
E. Application: The Defenseless Citadel (3:8-19)
1. A comparison of Nineveh and Thebes (3:8-13)
2. A concluding condemnation of Nineveh (3:14-19)

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