Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Four Point Foolishness

Yesterday we looked at the faulty theology of 4-point Calvinism. Today I thought we might look at an even more bizarre theology: 4-point Arminianism.

Historically, Arminianism has always been a five point system as well, each point in direct opposition to Calvinism. It doesn't take much reflection to see why this must necessarily be so. If you deny Unconditional Election, for instance, you have no choice but to deny Irresistible Grace. All five points either stand together, or fall together in both systems.

Despite this rather obvious fact, a strange breed of Arminians exists (over and above the strangeness of Arminianism to begin with) which holds to the first four tenets of the Remonstrants, yet, in common with Calvinists, believe that salvation cannot be lost (what is traditionally called Perseverance of the Saint - the P in TULIP).

Try as I might, I cannot wrap my mind around this concept. No one is elect to salvation, free-will is all-powerful in making the decision to be regenerated, YET (and this is a humongous yet) once salvation is attained it cannot be lost. Pray tell by what line of reasoning does this make any sense at all? The lynch pin of Arminianism is its inflated (read: idolatrous) view of free-will. Yet it would appear that these folk slit the throat of their free-will once they get saved, since it can no longer stray from grace. How come the freedom or ability to fall from grace disappears once one has received salvation? Frankly, transubstantiation make more sense to me that this!

Logically consistent Arminians have always believed that salvation can be lost. The same free-will that decides to be saved can decide to walk away from salvation or sin away grace. This at least makes sense, even though it is thoroughly unscriptural.

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