Friday, February 25, 2011

Whitefield's Letter to Wesley

Beginning Monday, I will post a famous letter by George Whitefield to John Wesley. Since the letter is rather lengthy, I will be breaking it into 5 posts. When reading the letter, note the irenic tone of Whitefield as he reproves rank error. This is an attitude the Church needs to recover.

Noteworthy also in the letter are the numerous references to Wesley’s habit of “casting lots” to determine God’s will. Whitefield accurately pegs this as tempting God.

The main subject of the letter is Wesley’s faulty and heretical view of the doctrine of election. Whitefield does a masterly job of picking apart Wesley’s sermon “Free Grace” and showing how he had utterly misunderstood Scripture.

The letter was sent from Bethesda, Georgia on December 24, 1740.

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