Friday, January 21, 2011

The Days of Relic-ry Are Not Over

A couple of days ago the AP reported that a vial of John Paul II's blood is being sent to a Roman Catholic church in Poland as a relic.

I find it odd when I hear this in the light of so many remarks to the effect that the Roman Catholic church has changed since the Middle Ages. The relics that are known to have circulated the Romish world during the Middle Ages are strange, bizarre, and even obscene. 

I guess the one difference between this relic and the old-fashion ones, is that this relic can be verified. The old relics claimed to be nutty things like Noah's beard or bottles of the Virgin Mary's breast milk. At least this relic, a vial of blood can be authenticated.

That doesn't save the ship however. It is still an evil idolatrous practice. Thigh bone of a saint, piece of the cross, the holy grail, a vial of pope's blood - it's all a bunch of hocus-pocus. There is no Biblical warrant for venerating relics, and certainly not for worshipping by means of them. They are nothing but animistic charms or amulets dressed up in "Christian" garb.

In case you may be tempted to think I'm making this up, below is a link to the CBS/AP story. 

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