Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What God Cannot Do

God Cannot

  1. Lie - Hebrews 6:18
  2. Endure iniquity Isaiah - 1:13
  3. Dwell with evil - Psalm 5:4
  4. Be silent in the face of immanent disaster of His wayward people - Jeremiah 4:19
  5. Look on evil - Habakkuk 1:13
  6. Be pleased by those controlled by the sinful nature - Romans 8:8
  7. Deny Himself - 2 Timothy 2:13
  8. Be tempted by evil - James 1:13

These are moral inabilities, not physical inabilities. They are glorious incapacities.

There does not fall under the scope of God's omnipotence anything that implies a contradiction. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica I QXXV, art. 4.

All things are possible with God, but intrinsic impossibilities are not things. Circles squares are not only intrinsically impossible, they are nonentities: nonsense.

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