Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's in a name?

Those unfamiliar with Church history may not recognize the allusion made by my blog's title. It is a reference to the great theologian and defender of orthodoxy, Athanasius. At one point in his life, almost the whole Christian world was in the throes of Arianism, a sect that denied Christ's deity. Athanasius stood nearly alone, amidst compromise and political pressure. Hence was born the Latin phrase Athanasius Contra Mundum - Athanasius against the world.

There is an interesting fact about the whole Arian controversy that many critics of Christianity overlook. It is frequently asserted that Christianity only grew and prospered because it became the official religion of Rome during the reign of Constantine. However, the curious fact is that it was the corrupt form of Christianity taught by Arius that actually gained state support. Athanasius stood virtually alone against the flood of heresy and government pressure at the risk of his health and indeed, his very life. When all the world went astray after a false Christ, Athanasius, a model for us all, stood loyal to his Lord.

This is my first entry in this blog, so hopefully, I can be forgiven for rambling. My choice of Athanasius as a model or mentor for this blog is not due to any delusions of grandeur on my part. I don't see myself as a lone voice for the truth amid compromise and error. But, I do desire and will strive, to stand for the truth, even if it means standing alone.

Thankfully, as I survey the 'blogosphere' I see that there are many other Christian brothers and sisters who believe, as B.B. Warfield put it, "The world should realize with increased clearness that Evangelicalism stands or falls with Calvinism."

My entries from here on will be a mix of doctrinal and practical discussions and observations. Brevity is not usually one of my strong points, but I seemed to have succeded.

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